Thinking inside the right box

Experienced innovators have long recognized that constraints encourage and guide innovation. Attempting to innovate without boundaries overwhelms people with options and ignores established practices that have been shown to enhance innovation. Without guidelines to structure the interactions, members of a complex organization struggle to coordinate their innovative activities. How then, can organizations embrace a more ordered approach to innovation? One productive method is to apply a few simple rules to key steps in the innovation process. Simple rules add just enough structure to help organizations avoid the bureaucracy of too many rules and the chaos of none at all. By imposing constraints on themselves, individuals, teams, and organizations can spark creativity and channel it along the desired path. Instead of trying to think outside the wrong box, you can use simple rules to draw the right box and innovate within it.

Constraints ?

Constraints give us the boundaries to work with—a problem to solve, an innovative twist to be revealed, or a person to please. And, it doesn’t matter how tightly constrained we feel. Every piece of music starts with just twelve notes in the chromatic scale. Constraints? Of course, But they are the starting point for apparently endless creativity and potential.

Strategy process

Strategic management and planning processes; for most companies it is a daily struggle. They find it hard to reconcile short-term moves with long-term strategic objectives, or have trouble building the capabilities needed to implement their strategies. We help companies build up their strategy development processes, enhance overall decision-making, and improve implementation. We can support clients in designing customized solutions to specific issues or in fully redesigning their approach to strategic management and planning.

About us

We are specialised on disruptive technology innovation. We join forces with companies to work out growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, and create products and services that make a difference.
It is no secret that larger companies excel in execution whereas smaller companies are far better, faster and more creative in innovation. As innovation consultants we structure the ideation phase for both types of clients to support them in their search for new profit opportunities. Inspiring is one thing, but we also check the achievability and practicality of a new business idea. We help our customers in developing a attainable innovation strategy that meets their growth targets and strategic objectives. We do this by helping customers set financial and operational targets related to innovation, define metrics to measure performance, and find strategic areas on which to focus investments.